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gallery Sv. Krševan, Šibenik, Croatia, from 27.07. to 16.08.2021.

"The cycle includes a total of 21 works in which the artist creates an intimate visual diary created as a result of a sincere reflection of numerous internal turmoil, states and emotions that the author experienced in the period after the difficult decision to emigrate. million-strong city of Berlin.Inner struggle and tears and divided emotions resulted in a new cycle of paintings created in the period from 2015 to 2021. As the artist herself says, the focus of her work is a storm of intimate feelings ranging from deep disappointment, melancholy, apathy through depression until the release of inner strength and the awakening of new hope in the people who make this world a better place for all of us. " - Sonja Švec Španjol, mag. hist. art.


Interior bridges - poster and exhibition catalog, design: Julijana Turković Vlastelica

Exhibition catalog in Croatian and English:

INTERNAL BRIDGES - Catalog in PDF format in Croatian

THE INNER BRIDGES - PDF catalog in english

From the media (click on the icon): 

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